Fractions of Existence

This book was not that which I thought it would be. J. Lenni Dorner wove a story that made me cry more than a few times. I, also, need to take minute for the name Gwendolyn. I get rather tired of names which try to be original, or simply pull from Latinate rules. It is nice to see a Celtic name — specifically Welsh, in this case — that is not in a romance…though, in all fairness, there is a definite romance subplot.

I started the book thinking that they were Titans, and then that they might be Faeries, and I was not disappointed. It was a beautiful reveal.

I, however, was thrown out a few times from the universe. Some for good reason — daydreams about the deeper rules of the world –, and once for a bad reason; however, that was my fault.

The one that was my fault: one of the characters is raised Mormon. I was not expecting that. I was surprised to see a specific denomination. Most books have Catholic versus Protestant tendencies; nonetheless, they rarely delve into specific denominations within those.

For those unfamiliar: aye, there are different types of Catholics.

Other nice times that I thrown out of the prose:

1) The grammar is beautiful. Most contemporary books tend towards conversational tones in the prose which, to me, forgets that writing is inherently more formal than speech. I had to take a few moments whilst reading to admire the structure of the sentences.

2) One of the characters manipulated water. I got stuck in beginning wondering the limits of the powers: could he drain water out of someone; could he affect anything with H2O, or must it be only H2O; could he put water in places? One finds out some intense uses of his manipulation; however, I still have questions.

Overall, it was a good read — though as I know the author, I am sure that one will take my reaction with a grain of salt –.

One can get it here.

Be safe. Be loved.

P.S. I will also be rereading this slower to take in more; therefore, expect me to talk about it soon.

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