Nynorsk: Short Story #1

The letter ‘C’ is not found — to my knowledge — in native Nynorsk words. There are a few borrowing (cancer, canasta, Canadisk, and the like). I, therefore, present a short story with wordlist ( ordliste help:

In the country ( Av landet ), there is a village ( ein landsby ) where Darkness walks. Every sunset, a man ( ein mann) walks out of the night. He looks towards the Sun as she leaves ( Sola medan ho går ). He walks the streets at night ( å natta ) looking how things have changed since the prior night ( i natt, which is also ‘tonight’ ). He smiles as flowers ( blomsterane ) have bloomed, and their petals retract. He smells the ones who stay open for him. He walks past cows as they curl up to sleep. Black rabbits, Trønder rabbits ( trønderkaninar ), twitch their ears as he pets them. He, a man of the night, watches over all when all is vulnerable.

     He sometimes ( tidvis ) must be the last thing which some see. His moon-white face ( andletet hans ), and pale hair — for it bends in, and out of moonbeams ( måneskina ) — leans down as he offers a kiss ( kyss , this word is intriguing. Some dialects have it as neuter whilst some have it as masculine. I would keep it masculine as it was masculine in Old Norse, and Proto-Germanic) of respite on the insect in a spiderweb (properly is edderkoppnett/spindelvev; however, one can shorten it to just nett/vev as in English), the rabbit in a fox’s mouth, or children ( born ) who wandered to far from home. He always sheds tears for those who pass under his watch. He understands that one must sacrifice the few for the many ( ein må ofra noen for mange, this is a literal translation, but idioms are always the toughest to translate.), but it makes it no less hard. He is both protector, and executioner.

     He walks through doors ( dører ), and guides a single-father’s hand when protecting his children. The man of the night, he helps a single-mother find rest after a day of work. He unlocks doors for children who wandered off, but who find home again. He, sometimes ( stundom ), is the one who shows them. In his grace, he finds that every one whom he helps, he has created another night for him to watch over. He, yet, knows that humans fear the night. He groans ( Han grin false friend! ) at lamps fighting against the natural time of reflection.

     He scratches a nail ( Han klår ein nagl ) against phones to stop their charging. He scratches his nail ( Han klår naglen hans ) against cars ( bilar ) to keep them from turning over in the morning. He is the one who makes alarms silent. He reminds us all that Night will never be tamed ( Natta blir aldri temt ).

I hope that one enjoyed it. More will come the next time that Nynorsk lacks a native letter. Be safe. Be loved.




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