Tea Time Ruminations: Betrayal, or Being a good citizen?

Tea: Black sweet tea…I do live in Texas, so I must have it sometimes.


With the U.S. presidential election primaries rearing up, my friendship circle is tightening down. We are all at least moderate-leaning-left, but vary from there. I, a Sen. Sanders supporter — though Rep. Gabbard intrigues me a bit —, hear about taxation quite a lot. My more anarchistic friends, and my libertarian friends will sometimes state that ‘taxation is theft’. I have mixed feelings about this.

A) If a government is to run her daily course, how is she to pay for things such as roads, schools, and the ilk?

B) If a government runs money, how can she not simply dictate that the worth is paid?

So, in the first bit, we have a government that is paying for things with capital to run a society thoroughly, and properly. In the second bit, we have a government simply working, and then dictating that the payment has been received because the government dictates how much capital is worth.

I think that I lean towards A. I am socialistic, for sure — I believe in Social Security, governmental programmes, and that it is the duty of the government to guard, and to protect her citizens —; however, I, academically, wonder why a government does not do B.

Now, I am neither a political analyst, nor an economist. I am simply a linguaphile (or, tongue-lover, but that sounds a tad dirtier…because we brook Germanic words when it comes to rutting), but I still crave an understanding of the government which controls my life.

Theft is also a crime. Inherently, it is taking something that does not belong to one. It is not inherently against a legal system. For instance, it is legal, to my knowledge, for a parent to take his/her child’s items even if the child paid for the items from the child’s own money without any from the parent. This would be theft, but would be legal.

Are taxes the same? I am not sure.

I voice this — or exhibit, I suppose — in a short way, for I know that it will come up in discussions. I use this, and you, ruminants, for the purpose of discussion-preparation. I will revisit this topic at a later date, I think.


Be safe. Be loved.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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