A-Z Challenge

My friend, J. Lenni Dorner, recommended this challenge to me. A-Z posts for April.

I had to make it more complicated for myself, as always.

The plan is that 1st-30th of April, I will be posting quite often. The schedule will be:


0000 Regular Posting schedule

0600 Scots Gaelic Vocabulary starting with the letter of the day

1200 Nynorsk Vocabulary starting with the letter-of-the-day

1800 Book reaction with the title beginning with the letter-of-the-day

If the letter-of-the-day does not exist in native words of one of the languages — like Z is in neither of the languages — I will be posting a micro-story (300 words, or so) in whichever, or both of the language where it does not appear. This will be in both tongues to add words to our wordbanks!

Norwegian adds a difficulty. It has more letters than the English alphabet;  therefore, I will be posting on Sundays which is the day of rest in A-Z challenge. I will just be using the Norwegian letters for the vocabulary list. On Sundays, I will also be posting my preconceptions of the books, which I had written before I read them, for the upcoming week. The list for the first few weeks follows this riveting scheduling description.


0000 Favourite book of the former week

1200 Nynorsk vocabulary list

1800 Preconceptions of the next week’s novels

There are four Sundays this April, though, and there are only three more letters in the Norwegian alphabet. What will I do the last week?

0000 Favourite book of the prior week

1200 Nynorsk surprise

1800 Preconceptions of the last week’s novels

Expect a post according to this schedule, and give J Lenni Dornera like, and a follow.

Be safe. Be loved.

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