Tea Time Ruminations:New Year Thoughts

Tea: The delicious — despite that which my boyfriend says — dandelion tea, with honey


You thought that I disappeared? Never! It has been a while, and I have not even been on the computer in weeks — it took a good three minutes for notifications to finally end —, so I apologise for worrying you.

The New Year is upon us. I am writing this a few days ahead so that I can guarantee you have it. As when this is published, I will be kissing my boyfriend, and foregoing my omnivore life for two months.

I made an oath 1 Jan. 2018. The way an oath works in my religion is that one makes an oath to do something — in my case to get down to my high-school weight of 173 lbs (78 kg, 12 stone) for two months —, and then one has to make a counter-balance to it — in this case, that I would go strict vegan for two months in 2019 —. I did not fulfill my oath, so I must fulfill my counter-balance.

As such, I have been cooking traditional foods that I have been missing. I made a pork shoulder, and traditional pastries. I have been eating a lot of Korean food as I have been craving spice, and I had a semi-traditional Krampusnacht dinner with sausage, and beer.

I go into this New Year with the knowledge that I failed. I now have to balance that out. I do not mind it, but it does weigh — woot! a pun — on my mind. It does not dominate my mind though.

My reading list does.

I have purchased ‘too many’ books according to my boyfriend. I have been planning a huge blogging surge, and cannot wait to unveil it. I will be continuing the language learning. I, also, will be maintaining Tea Time Ruminations. I have tried being the blogger whom I want to be: I must be the writer, and artist whom I need to be.

In closing, be safe. Be loved. Happy Hogmanay!

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