Nynorsk: The Golden Gander (Part II)

For the first part.

This will be a short one. I am going to give you a lot of vocabulary. After this is all over though, I will post the whole thing in Nynorsk.

The golden gander heard (høyrde*) that the horse had left (hadde forlate). The golden gander wanted (ynskte) to leave. Meeting (Møtande) the Sun would be an honour, but he had not (ikkje) realised that she had been listening. He packed his golden socks (sokken gylne hans) , his golden shoes (skoa gylne hans), his golden shirt (skjorter gylle hans), his golden coat (frakken gylle hans), and his golden hat (…, og hatten gylle hans) — a good goose, or gander always wears a hat (Ei gåsa god, eller ein gassa god bringer alltid ein hatt) —.



*høyra til means ‘to belong (to someone/something)’

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