Tea Time Ruminations: The Drive

Tea: London Fog

So, I am in the car, returning from the polls. I am slightly worried, but I live in Texas, and if I be honest, I am not too hopeful that Sen. Cruz will be unseated. I do hope that the turnout is enough to give pause to conservatives that we liberals must be taken seriously; however, I am speaking from a jaded position. Democrats have, by and large, criticised third party voters whilst protesting any infringement on values. I am, therefore, quite hesitant to make allies of those. I, nonetheless, am enjoyed to hear that many people are turning out to vote. I hope that we see a turn in representation. I did vote for a republican — and, the world gasps — as it was a woman. I, as a cisgender man, am forfoughten by men.

I am coming up with a list of masculine traits that I wish to cultivate. I expect that they will be ready after NaNoWriMo — which goes all right, I suppose –. I hope that all be well though.

Be safe. Be loved. Watch the results.

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