Languages, and NaNoWriMo

I am not drinking tea right now…I am drinking soda. I know. It is an affront to decency.

I have started on my NaNoWriMo project. I am aiming for a collection of works (an idea presented by my roommate/friend S. Kay Smith). I have been debating about a short story for a bit, and I have another in the works. I want to weave them together similar to a lot of short story collections. I am aiming for 1000 per day except for Monday, and Tuesday. Those will be 5000. I am always (semi-always…so most of the time) off those days from my job.

I have chosen a language:

Fàilte! Thagh mise Gàidhlig.

There is one problem. I have yet to find a proofreading application/keyboard/dictionary for Gaelic, so there will probably be some spelling mistakes until my phone/computer gives up.

I do have an idea for a schedule for the two languages, but we ruminants have seen how those typically turn out for me. I say that we play this one by ear.

In happy news: it came in! So, again, it’s in Bokmål, so I will be translating it into English, and then looking up the Nynorsk variety. I have it, though! Thank you (I know that I thank her/him/them on Twitter, but seriously thank you, The Untranslated). Tusen takk!

I have already started, and I cannot wait to finish it. It will probably take 3-6 months. I am anxious though. I will be posting interesting words that I learn I think that is legal from the book, and their respective English/Nynorsk equivalent.

In my first full post about Gaelic, I will post a picture of the book with which I will be working.

Farvel. Beannachd leibh. Be safe. Be loved.

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