This is more of a mindpurge than of late. My dying flames turn to embers, and I wonder if I did better this year by distancing myself from the commercialisation of the various holidays tonight to tomorrow night — many cultures pre-Christian were night first which raises many different concepts –. I listen to the rain pouring down, and I wonder why I feel so completely me. It is a rare thing to inhabit oneself fully…at least for me; however, I feel as if the me inside has grown to my skin. I have done divination, sacrifices, and prayers as is tradition. I have written words, and been calm.

Perchance the greatest gift my ancestors have given me this night is rest. It is a gift rarely enjoyed, and not quite understood. I hope everyone has had a pleasant evening, and that Winternights/Samhain treats you well until Nov. 1st’s sundown.

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