Nynorsk: The Golden Gander (Part 1)

Eg har alltid likt eventyr. Eg har lese dei siden eg var eitt barn. Her eitt er:


There once was a gander (ein gasse) who lived in a golden box (ein gyllen kasse/ei gyllen kasse).  He had a golden bowl (ein gyllen bolle), and a golden spoon (ei gyllen skei). He (Han) even had a golden soup (ei gyllen suppe) that he made. He would take the Sun’s rays (strålen Sols) in his feathers throughout the day, and shake them out into his golden pot (ei gyllen potte) when he made it at night.

He would gather the seeds (frø) of plants during the day (dagen), and put them into his soup at night (natt). With this soup, the gander would honour the plants, and the Sun. He would drink the golden soup with his golden spoon in his golden bowl.

Years went by until the Sun heard of this gander. She (Ho) knew that he (han) had honoured her (henne) thousands of times. She decided to visit him. She sent her horse (hesten sin) down one night to tell the gander that the Sun would visit. The gander saw the glowing horse miles away, and so hid in his golden house (gyllen hus sitt). When the horse came to the door, he knocked three (tre/tri) times.

‘Golden Gander, are you in there?’

The gander froze (fraus) in fear.

‘Golden Gander, the Sun wants to visit.’

The gander, in fear, stayed frozen.

‘Golden Gander, She will be here in the morning.’


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