Tea Time Ruminations

Tea: London Fog

I am actually quite relaxed today. I wonder if it be either because I have a friend visiting, so I am off for quite a while — five whole days –, so I can emotionally get back to me ; or, because it has been raining l, and I love wearing a kilt, sweater, and scarf. The bigger questions out there, am I right?

Why is contentment an emotion? It seems basic acceptance of life is an emotion as opposed to a state. It is fleeting, and hard to achieve in our culture; however, it seems so easy to achieve in theory; have bills paid, have food, have drink, and one should be decently content. In our culture — I live in the U.S.A. –, we have people struggle, and it has become a cultural pride to have a hustle, or a struggle. To have actually achieved it, and made oneself comfortable is to have ‘given up’, or something to the equivalence.

I, at least for the last three days of my rest, want to achieve that contentment. I am still a product of my culture, and I do not want — even though it may be healthier to do so — to rest permanently, but I want to enjoy this rest.

More on this in the future as I ruminate on whether I need this, or the struggle.

Be safe. Be loved.

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