Nynorsk: Languages

I am not going to end Nynorsk, for those who were worried. Nynorsk is here to stay for quite a while. It was honestly at first a transition language. Nynorsk is closer to Old Norse than Bokmål, and with that I can learn Icelandic, and Faroese with ease. I, however, fell in love with Nynorsk. Its vowels, its words, its way-of-life, and its general being stirs a warmth that very few languages have done.

It is time to pick a second language for the year. I am debating between Scots Gaelic, and Jerriais. I have materials for Scots Gaelic, but Jerriais is dying out faster. Both would help me in my goals for my PhD in a few years, so there is no help there. I will give it a couple weeks as I want the year to start at Halloween.

Anyway, let us discuss that which I have been doing with Nynorsk. In all honesty the last two weeks have been trying to find a place to order…a book in Bokmål! I know. I know. It is horrific. I have fallen.

In all seriousness, it is Jernalderdrøm. I heard about it through The Untranslated: an amazing blog, it should be followed by everyone. It, the book not the blog, is in Bokmål, and that means I will be translating a large number of words as I learn Nynorsk, but I am looking forward to it. It is the type of novel which I want to write. Those long, in-depth challenges of life that art is meant to conquer. Obviously, I read lighter stuff too, but to create something so awesome — in the original sense — is my goal.

Well, I hope that it will be here by the next Nynorsk. I will have a large number of vocabulary, so enjoy the fortnight rest, ruminants.

Be safe. Be loved.

-J.A.Victor Wilson

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