Story Time

Fire (eld, masculine uncountable) was never created. He (Han) started to burn (brenna) in the Darkness (mørkeret, neuter) long before the first ash (ask, masculine) took steps. He, fire, raged (rasa, infin. å rasa). He leapt (sprang, å springa). He consumed (gnog, å gnaga) the darkness. He danced (dansaå dansa) into Its embrace. Reaching into the coils (spiralane, masculine) of darkness, Fire saw Ice (Is, masculine). He, Ice, saw Fire.

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Ice had been lonely (einsam, literally ‘one together’). Ice sat in the darkness wondering if It (Det) would ever let (å la) him be. Taking from the Darkness, Ice grew (vokså veksa). Ice reached (strekte, å strekkja). Ice sauntered (slentraå slentra). Ice wanted to know more.

Fire kissed (kyste, å kyssa) Ice. Ice melted (smelta, å smelta) at his touch (berøringa, feminine). The cool waters (vatna, neuter plural) pushed Fire away. Fire drew his strength up: Fire kissed Ice again. Ice dropped more water down. Fire drew higher to reach across the growing puddle (sølepytten, definite masculine). The puddle grew more. Ice looked longingly over to Fire, for they were being separated. Fire was determined for at least one more kiss. Fire had to reach far into the reaches of the Darkness; to the other side of Fire where no man, or woman (kvinne, feminine) has ever trodden (har nokosinne trøtt), to the parts of the abyss where not even stars shine, to the part where not even Life breathes a single name; Fire reached to graze Ice’s face. He knew it would be the last for an age.

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Ice tumbled. Ice cracked. Ice let loose into a mind’s capacity of glaciers. For each glacier one imagines, there were a thousand (tusen). Each tumbled down into the forming puddle-gap.

A single eye (eit auga or eit auge, neuter) opened in the puddle. A single eye look into Ice. A single eye darted to Fire.

eye iris anatomy biology
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There was a third.

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