Nynorsk: The Harvest

Basic Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker. I am using these posts as a way of chronicling a semi-auto-didactic process.  In other words, this is my way of seeing my own journey. I hope that others learn from it, and I hope that others contribute knowledge to it. To the Nynorsk activists out there, I apologise if a Bokmål word comes through as it is easier to find those words. Feel free to correct me in the comments, or by message.

Tea: Garlic, and rosemary infusion. It tastes like chicken soup.

The roommate, and I were discussing the words for our next season. She, a lover of Latin, uses ‘Autumn’. I, a lover of Anglish, prefer ‘Fall’. There is one term which she, and I did not discuss: (The) Harvest. I may actually start using this instead.

The Harvest (haust, masculine; plural haustar) begins slightly different times of the year depending where one resides. I live in Sugar Land (read: Houston) where today, I took this screenshot:

Those are not (ikkje) harvest temperatures (temperaturar, masculine) by any means.

I adore seasonal change (endring, feminine; full phrase ‘årstidenes endring’, or ‘seasons’ change’), but I will enjoy these last few days of summer (sumar, masculine).

For the Harvest (i hausten), I plan on having more soup, and cheese (ost, masculine) as well as building fires in my fireplace again, and putting more pictures (bilete, or bilde; neuter) of my cooking adventures. I also cannot forget (gløyma) that I must read more. The list will not read itself.

Be safe. Be loved.

Ver sikkert. Ver elska.

J. A. Victor Wilson

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