Tea Time Ruminations: What is the Point

Tea: Organic Earl Grey

Hello, ruminants. I apologise for the last few posts. Life went crazy for a bit. I have been ruminating something for quite awhile, however. Grab a cup, and hopefully we can get back to our normal programming.



One can see that I have a dash of European blood. I could not be more excited. I did not inherit — according to 23andme — any of my parents’ Ashkenazi blood, although it could be in the .1%. Why is that such a shocker? It means that my Jewish side is then probably from a convert, and not a genetic link. That makes it that much cooler that I am Jewish by Jewish law…to my knowledge that is.

The Finnish is the one that really surprised me. The Scandinavian was a nice bonus — I used to pray to be Scandinavian to the point that the Dutch heritage I grew up hearing that we had, I used to say that I probably had Danish heritage since it is next to the Netherlands —, but the fact that I have at least one Finn in my bloodline is amazing. This opens many new doors into mythological ties. I want to read all of the Finnish stories now, and learn Finnish — though ever since I read The Rabbit Back Literature Society, I have wanted to learn it. There is one scene where one character comments on the subjunctive, which is my favourite mood, and the other character seems proud to have used it. I wonder if it be a literary case in the original Finnish that shows the love of language. Yes, I would learn a language just to read one book. — especially with all of the cases it has.

What is the point, though? Why worry about my bloodlines? We do not have estates that I worry about inheriting. I come from a very poor family. I need not worry about an estate falling into a cousin’s hands, or anything dramatic as that. I just want to know from where I originate. Ethnicity is such a hot button issue in America, and I want to know where I am in the spectrum.

How does this affect me? It does not in the quotidian. Side note: that is one of the few Latinate words I truly enjoy. It certainly makes me angsty though. 23andme update heritage counts as more people test. I want to know the specific ‘broadly’ categories: a whopping 89/500, someone feel free to check my maths, of my blood.

It does help to know my history, or at least 411/500 of it. I have felt more myself since I learnt the results. I, interestingly, been more interested in reading Beowulf. Beowulf has never been on my list of books to read. It is on the Western Canon, and I do need to finish that list. I am looking forward to Beowulf now though.

Speaking of books, I have not finished the Illiad yet. It still drags. I have, nevertheless, begun new books to dull myself to the pain of Homer. I will update everyone on those books once finished.

In other words, we are back on track, and we will continue to drink tea. Unfortunately, though, I am out of tea at the moment.

Be safe. Be loved.


-J.A. Victor Wilson

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