Nynorsk: Favourite Languages

Tea: London Fog

My results came in! Eg fann som eg er finlandsk — .2% –, og eg er veldig gledeleg!

So, let us list a few of my favourite languages for just a quick list (a minute at most). I will talk more about them in a later Tea Time.

Remember that they are the languages, and not the demonym.

Finnish: Finsk (m)

French: Fransk (m)

Icelandic: Islandsk (m)

Jerriais: Jerseysk (m)…this one may be conjecture, so until I can prove I would recommend ‘normmanisk jersey’ which would be Jersey Norman in English.

Scottish Gaelic: Skotsk-gælisk (m)

Scots: Skotsk (m)

Yiddish: Jiddisk (m)

So, there are some of my languages on my list.

I will see you all Tuesday. Be safe. Be loved.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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