Tea Time Ruminations: A Wednesday post?

So, my boyfriend, and I have both been working quite a lot. We needed a date night. It was amazing, but time slipped away from me as I drifted asleep at 2130! I have gotten that old!

We went to see The Nun, and it was okay. I am terrified of the demon nun in the earlier films, and so — even though my friends who are fans of the series told me that it was horrid — I knew that I must see it.

It was a good sequel: it does not stand on its own well, but it did that which it wanted. It felt like some Marvel films which are obviously just saying, ‘Hey, we know that you want (blank film), but we need another year: have this film to placate yourself.’

In other news, I am still reading The Iliad…it is a pain. In reaction to it, I have stated The Poetic Edda, and a collection — not complete — of Tennyson. We shall keep you ruminants posted. Expect a normal rumination next week, and — if one has a loved one, platonic, or romantic — go have a date night with that one. Go!

Be safe. Be loved.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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