Nynorsk: Books!

Well, I went shopping for books yesterday, and I am glad. Today I need the pick-me-up of a good book.

Books ( bøker) are those which get me through the day; however, presently I will use them only as examples.

One will see that two of the three are books of poesi (m), or diktekunst (m,f). Diktekunst seems to refer to spoken poetry — poetry used in courts, or ‘bard’/’skald’ style. I wonder the reasons for which the Old Norse ljóð, or kvæði did not survive. Though knowing Norwegian dialects, there may be a dialect, or two which still use them.

Speaking on dialects again, I found an interesting facet of bøk:

As one can see, the plural has two forms. From a cursory glance around the internet, I notice that in some forms Old Norse kept the same vowel as the singular nominative (ó), but in some cases it turned to a different vowel (œ). I wonder if this is whence the difference derives.

One may notice that I have two classics (klassikarar). Practical Magic grabbed me as I walked past a table, and I cannot pass up a book which grips (grabbar/grip) me. It will be a trip down memory-lane (minnegate…this one is a calque, but I adore ‘memory-lane’ as a concept), but I look forward to it.

I hope all is well. Be safe. Be loved. And — for gods’ sakes — read!

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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