Teatime Ruminations:A Semi-Religious One

Tea: English Breakfast (my favourite) for a very specific reason.

Song: A podcast about whom at least/around half of this is.

First off, welcome to September: the last few weeks of summer are here. If one is waiting for me to discuss my September books — like Summer — my August reading is unfinished. I apologise, I failed, I am a worm, but, at least, I am a bookworm. I will be keeping everyone updated.

Now, I have binged The Asatru Community’s podcast in its entirety within the last two days. I have listened to it on two programmes, so now I must relisten to them on one, for I am a completionist.

I, therefore, would like to offer a non-demanded review.

I. Shoemaker’s Hall: this one was intense with the man’s voice, but only has a few episodes. It, however, was a concise introduction to a few concepts.

II. Heathen Moments: This segment heard like a college lecture. As an addict to scholarship, I appreciate it.

III. Musings from the High Seat: I adored this as I am interested in seidr/spa. She sounds like my paternal family, but I got over it as she was lovely.

IV. Frithcast: I was searching for Heathen/Asatru podcasts, and this segment came up. The hostesses were amazing enough for me to become addicted. They have laid a few challenges to their listeners, so I have fulfilled one  — 8 months after original posting —; in short, the hostesses are amazing. They are English — hence the tea —, and have the loveliest accents. I have not the cultural knowledge c.f. e to say when the two originate. As a language-lover, I must comment that Suzanne Martin sounds like how I imaging axn English aunt sounds like, and I imagine drinking tea/coffee/sherry with her. Kate Martin, though, reminds me of Katherine Hepburn — not because of the first name —. She, Mrs. Kate Martin, goes about her voice, but I actually love it. The two — who are married —meander, as I appreciate, in typical mind-purge fashion.
Now, the podcast was enough for me to research, and to apply to be a part of The Asatru Community…, and it accepted me! I, therefore, actually have a community: thank the gods, and goddesses.

It, The Asatru Community, has an application — hence, the ‘apply’ verb earlier —. On it, it asks about one’s identity, and feelings on racism. I figured in typical Millenial Heathen fashion that I should boldly say roughly that which I put.

My name is Joshua Alan Victor Wilson. I love writing, knitting, spinning — as in a distaff  —, and researching. I, also, adore languages. On racism, socially, it is anti-Western thought. Freedom of thought cannot be limited by superficial facets such as melanin levels  — though race is defined culturally beyond melanin levels —; religiously, I am folkish — the idea that the gods only call on their own heritage-wise —, and that makes me a universalist — the idea that anyone can worship the gods —: concerning Germanic blood, one must look at history. The British Isles — including the Isle of Man, as everyone forgets it! —, Germany, Nordic Countries — including the Faroes! —, and the rest ; all are well-known. Others, however, are Spain— conquered by the Goths —; North Africa  — also by the Goths —; the Bastarnae — probably originally Celtic, but later Germanic, would mingle with Huns, so that is China, and far east Asia —; British Raj — there is India —; slave trade with Arabs — there is Middle Eastern countries, and also Spain again from the invasion; and, therefore, South and Middle Americas —, and British other colonies— so every continent —; all are the entire globe. I, therefore, must be a universalist. [This part I did not mention] I had a boss who was half-Chinese, and half-German; therefore, she probably has more German ancestry than I. [Back to that which I mentioned. I, also, will post my genetic results when 23andme gets back to me] I, nor anyone, can look at another person, and judge without possibility of error if one has one iota of Germanic blood. I, therefore, maintain that any folkish Heathen still must treat every human as kin. We do not have the technology, as I know, to find every drop of ancestry one has. I am basically looking for a community with whom I can share connection.

They accepted me. I will admit that I was terrified that identifying as ‘folkish’ would ban me. Racism is — for obvious reasons  — a hot topic in Asatru, and Heathenism. I await to find out how I fit with the group, but I am in high-spirits as I miss fellow Heathens/Asatruar.
So, I am attempting to be a better Heathen, and, as such, would like to include the challenge Frithcast set forth: personal nine virtues. Note: All definitions are from O.E.D.:

  • Strength: ‘Power or resilience, whether physical, mental, or due to the possession of resources ; capacity for effective action or resistance; efficiency, vigour.’ ‘Soundness of body; health, vigour, esp. in contrast with weakness due to illness, fatigue, age, immaturity, etc. Also: energy or capacity for action; fitness for or to do a specified activity’ ; ‘The emotional or mental resilience necessary for dealing with difficult or distressing situations; capacity for moral courage, rigour, or endurance.’
  • Heart: ‘intent, will, purpose; inclination, desire’;’courage, spirit, pluck’.
  • Forthrightness: ‘straightforwardness’.
  • Wisdom: ‘Capacity of judging rightly in matters relating to life and conduct: soundness of judgement in the choice of means and ends’
  • Awareness: ‘consciousness; (also) the condition of being aware.

Aware: ‘Informed, cognizant, conscious, sensible’

  • Seek: ‘to go in search of quest of;to try to find, look for’
  • Cheer: ‘Habitual behaviour; bearing manners; (also) the behaviour appropriate to a particular setting or situation’; ‘kind or benevolent behaviour or disposition, friendliness; esp. kindly welcome shown to a visitor; hospitality’.
  • Mund: ‘power, strength, force. Also: excellence, value, importance, dignity’;’protection, guardianship, (also) the fine paid breach of the laws of protection’.
  • Thisness: ‘the quality of being “this” (as distinct from anything else)

These are similar to the typical nine virtues, but I have selected Germanic words as the headwords — because Anglish —, and the definitions have ‘capacity’ several times. I think that it be important to discuss that none is truly virtuous, and one will never maintain the virtues continuously. The purpose is to aim.

In a future post, I will delve deeper into them respectfully; however, this post is already far longer than most. Give the podcast a listen!

I, therefore, wish everyone well. Be safe. Be loved.

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