Nynorsk: Breakfast after work

I wanted to get back to vocabulary words. I had broth with a poached egg, salt, pepper, garlic, and — not in the soup — mineral water: this was my breakfast after work ( I work overnight now); therefore, I present to you:

  1. Broth- buljong (m) is from bouillon
  2. Egg- egg (n). We actually stole our ‘egg’ from Old Norse.
  3. Water (mineral)- vatn (n) is flat water, and unsurprisingly mineralvatn (n) is mineral water.
  4. Pepper- pepar (m). I know; this is exciting.
  5. Chicken- kylling (m) OR kjukling (m). I am going to research more on various spellings.
  6. Breakfast- frukost (m), dugurd (m), OR morgonmat (m). Frukost is most common it seems, but comes from Low German apparently. Morgonmat comes from Danish, but is apparently used occasionally. I have never heard/seen dugurd until this morning, but it comes from Old Norse.
  7. Soup- suppe (f). We’re back to unsurprising cognates.
  8. Salt- salt (n)…yeah.
  9. Garlic- kvitløk (m) OR kvitlauk. I do not know the difference between the spellings again, so research shall ensue.
  10. Work- This is a fun one. Jobb (m) is obviously from job. Arbeid (n) is from German. Streve (n)…is also from German. My Nynorsk-loving brain, therefore, has no idea which word to use.

So, here it is:

Eg åt buljong med eit posjerte (poached) egg, salt, pepar, kvitlauk, og — ikkje i suppa — mineralvatn: han var frukosten/morgonmaten/dugurden min etter jobben/arbeidet/strevet min/mitt (eg verkar no over natta).

Tusen takk!

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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