Tea Time Ruminations: Date Night Rush

Tea: Lavender. As always it’s amazing with honey.

Song: I am listening to silence.

I just saw Crazy Rich Asians. This made me have a craving for dumplings. Dumplings, by the way, are the best food ever. Every culture has one — to my knowledge –, because it is bread, meat, and vegetables. What more could one want?

I have not written in two weeks. One could make excuses, but I am out of them. The Iliad is draining me. I am not going to make my books this month. Work is banal.

In other words, August kind of sucked. I am, however, excited for September. September is a beautiful month as Summer turns to Autumn. I find it the most relaxing time. Then of course, all time can be relaxing. Most of my friends have already started putting Halloween stuff/post. I, therefore, will wish them a Happy Yule November 1st.

I will finish The Iliad as soon as possible. It just goes on, and on. It is the same thing.

So-and-so from this line killed so-and-so from this line.

(Insert two pages of myth about one of the lines)

(Vaguely sexual penetrative death of the second line)

The translation also pisses me off. It translates some things as ‘God’. As a non-monotheist, I find it annoying that monotheism is pushed onto polytheistic societies. I want to read an interlinear translation, for I want a better picture.

Dangereuses Liaisons is a collection of letters: this I did not know going into it. It is interesting…but very of its time.

I wonder how people will describe our time’s writing.

We, as a writing culture, are obsessed with succinct laconic sentences. Thank you, Hemingway. It has even gotten to the point that long-winded phrases are considered wrong by many.

What will this mean for the future?

I am going to end here with a dumpling in my mouth, and lavender tea on my lips.

Be safe. Be loved.

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