Nynorsk: Searching for Materials

I have come to the conclusion that it is time to move to novels in Nynorsk. My level is not where I wish it were, but I have plateaued in my desire to grind away at rote memorisation. I want actively created art.

Jernalderdrøm still is on my list; however, it is sadly written in Bokmål, but, nevertheless, it would allow me native Norwegian art. It would be a beginning.

Most of the full Nynorsk books are aimed at children : here is a shopping list, but most seemed aimed at 12 years, or younger. I have never been a fan of learning through children’s books as I do not have he same mindset as a child, yet if I must learn through a children’s book, so be it.

Why are some languages prolific whilst others bloom slowly? English has a variety of books, and some not even written by native speakers. I wish every language had that corpus of literature. That through different voices, I could arrive at a better understanding of our world. It is not altruism, but selfishness that drives me to learn other languages. I wish that I could contribute in some small fashion at least. Perchance when I am fully fluent in half of a dozen languages, I can give back. Then altruism may take over.

I hope all is well. Be safe. Be loved. Tusen takk.

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