Nynorsk: My Reading Habits

Basic Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker. I am using these posts as a way of chronicling a semi-auto-didactic process.  In other words, this is my way of seeing my own journey. I hope that others learn from it, and I hope that others contribute knowledge to it. To the Nynorsk activists out there, I apologise if a Bokmål word comes through as it is easier to find those words. Feel free to correct me in the comments, or by message.

Vertande nettop 30, eg har vore tankefullt. Innan tankefulle, eg kjenner som eg har ikkje lese klassikara. Eg har The Western Canon frå 1994. Han liste klassikara som eg må å lese.

Eg har enda Psapfo, og Gilgamesh. Dei var intensive ! Eg elskar Psapfo. Ho minne meg av Zelda Fitzgerald. Ho var veinleiken. Hennar orda var kjempene.

Gilgamesh var epikk – jo da -, enn eg var ikkje klar. Han var god.

That is all the Norwegian I have in me now, but I am happy to say that I am progressing. Be safe.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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