Tea Time Ruminations

Song: ‘Barbarian‘ by Mona Haydar

Tea: English Breakfast – I am writing this very early-.

Snack: Sourdough with rosemary. It is delicious.

It has been a while. I have been writing, and working a lot. I have not finished a lot of introspection. So, here it is…public introspection…so, extrospection?

Religious task force has come to be. How does this affect me? Well, Boyfriend, and I have quite a few arguments about religion: he being raised Muslim, but now an atheist; and, I being raised Christian with Jewish heritage, but now a Heathen – for almost 20 years, gods I am getting old -.

As a religious person, I am expected to want to be accommodated. I, however, am a minority religious practitioner: I am not accustomed to being accommodated. It is only recently that I have felt comfortable enough to submit a list of holidays to my employers. They have, honestly, responded very well.

Daily activities do not affect me too much, but I am assumed to be Christian because of the way I look, so around Christian holidays people expect me to celebrate. Most of the time I am like, ‘How do you mean?’

So, I do not feel represented in this new religious crusade – I purposefully use that word – against perceived draugr in the dark.

This is not the America in which I imagined growing old. This is the place where Neil DeGrasse Tyson helps people understand complex scientific thought. This is where Gloria Steinem argued famous feminist thought. This is a Land of Thought.

One typically hears of Americans being told that we started because of religious freedom. We love to turn to the Puritans. We love to show how a few upstarts left an oppressive government. The actual history is more complex full of people not wanting to pay taxes, being asked to leave, and lying to the government.

So, where does that leave me, a religious person stuck in a governmental time slip? I find it inappropriate that those trying to protect their own perceived freedoms are denying those others – which their holy books dictate that they should protect – actual livelihood, and agency.

Why can we not live well with each other? We were getting better. We were not perfect – far from it. We were doing better though. We do not need this time slip.

I will keep posting as this develops into that whichever it is to be.

I hope all is well. Be safe, everyone.

-J.A.Victor Wilson

2 thoughts on “Tea Time Ruminations

  1. I feel you. I’m pretty much convinced this religious “freedom” task force is meant to go after members of the LGBT community and Satanists. Makes me very nervous.


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