Hey, Ruminants!

It has been a while without poetry, but I have been studying Nynorsk, and ruminating often. I, therefore, will be back to more ruminant behaviour starting soon. Have no fear! I loved the poetry challenge, and I hope you did as well. I do miss mind-purging though.

Some quick updates. I moved to the Houston area, and am applying for some French speaking jobs. Send energy, and pray for me. It should be fun! I wish that everyone will be safe, and be well. I will update everyone on the progression of said job search. Rumination should be back on next Tuesday, and Nynorsk on next Thursday. I have a few books that I have gotten since then, so I will review those — since many people messaged me about the prior ones —, and I will just generally be posting oftener.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

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