Day 29

The Magic Circle 1886 by John William Waterhouse 1849-1917
‘The Magic Circle’ -John William Waterhouse

Firsts are important.

A first word, a first image, a first breath.

All were incarnate in you:


Barefoot, mouth agape in chant, a sword hot with energy,

Daring to be different.

Daring to be herself.

Daring to step.

Living how you wanted, you glare ahead.

With metaphysical arguments, and personal anecdotes,

I still love science because of you.

The process of analysing,

The process of chasing knowledge.

The process…of daring to step.

I glare ahead with knowledge of the past.

What potion do you hold?

What words do you say?

You are from different cultures…

Different pasts…

You are the apex of your ancestors.

You forge ahead alone if need be.

Which worlds do not bend to your will?

Which gods are proud of you?

When can you teach me yet again?

I hope to meet you one day.

In a well…

In a cave…

In a dale…


Day 29 of Trantham’s Challenge

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