Day Twenty-Eight

You have your helsott, dear child.

A sickness that leads to Death.

You may fear Death,

but, I can tell you reasons for which you should not.

Death is a friend to all.

Your way, though, is more secret than most.

Helsott means ‘hidden disease’ originally.

You have a hidden power in you.

Whereas most see their Deaths coming,

You have a secret from the world that is all your own.

So, when you are tired,

Or, when you are saddened from your sickness:

Remember it is yours alone.

There will always be something that is yours,

And, it will never be anyone else’s,

With that you have a unique power.

Another reason not to fear Death,

is to imagine your favourite animal,

know that one day you will be that animal.

As long as you, and just you, is in the Earth,

you will be your favourite animal one day.

For me, I cannot wait to be a pangolin.

Will you roll around with me?

Will you dance in the dark with me?

For Nothing, and I mean Nothing,

can stop our dance.

You, and I have hidden secrets

that we will take to our graves.

Day 28 of Trantham’s Challenge

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