Day one score, and six

Touching your body is like touching a god.

You shock my skin with bolts of anger,

Bolts of enticement,

Bolts of Lust.

Lust for power, and absorption,

Lust for vengeance, and justice.

List for the past…now.

I see a woman looking in a pool,

I crawl out of a well.

I bite an apple.

I swallow a star.

The slight scream of planets going dark,

They feed my soul.

I see the particles moving.

I see the core of the bedrock.

I see who is.

I see who ‘Who’ is.

I walk the lines of What.

I embody How.

I am all When.

I know Where is.

I summon up the courage to expel a spell,

I billow wind,

I slam earth,

I pulse water…

And, I sober up.

Day 26 of Trantham’s Challenge

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