Day 20

Melinda’s Farewell

I’m coming home. From father’s

to mother’s house, I go.

I tire of ritual,

or spiritual to, and fro.

Apple trees. Wild fay, I

embrace all. Fight for our sows!

Sing for lasting women-folk!

My oak-children will ne’er bow.

I go to my sorrows end

where men are gentle, and wives

are strong, mothers love daughters,

and fodder makes not sons’ lives.

Sacrifice my youth, I did.

Forbidden desires, too.

I kent only of white Christ:

of ‘right’ – not for me – for you.

I travel with but heart,

depart I Camelot now.

I go to lands of foxglove,

and love. No longer Christ’s cow.

Day 20 of Trantham’s Challenge

This is actually a draught of a poem for the Lancelot, and Arthur’s letters. Lady Melinda is a Christian-raised woman, but chooses to become a priestess after seeing how free the Avalonians are.

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