Day Seventeen

An Alexandrine Ode to O’Malley: or, a description of living with a cat

Orange, and white creamsicle – a beautiful coating.

Sleep on the grey, cool couch. Ignore my calls for food.

Rolls of purrs welcome me. Also, clawing in bed.

Waking me up with swats. Claws out…my face now hurts.

At least you get food now. I suppose I should write.

Should have never been trained. 6 A.M. is too early.

You steal the best spots, ma’am. Ev’ry day you do it.

I just want to sit down. Why are you on my book?

You think you are better? You have to use a box.

I, or Omar clean it. Yes, yes, I clean your shit.

I also feed you, too. Are you talking back now?

Freyja so help me now! I swear I will shave you.

I hate having a cat. I miss having a dog.

Dogs would treat me better. They would understand me.

Fine. You can sleep with me. Get up on the bed, now.

Your purring helps me sleep. I will pet you, I guess.

Okay. Snuggling is nice. I love having a cat.

Day 17 of Trantham Challenge

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