Day 16

The mother was born poor,

She hated being that way.

She struggled through her life,

On 2/3 of her worth in pay.

And, at the end, people expected her to marry anyway.

The son was born alone,

Given that his parents could not afford

A wee one that always cried.

So, his foster dad him did bore

But, the son knew he loved him to the core.

The grandson never knew his grandmother

Never saw her a day in his life

He had to get a test to find out who he is

Turns out she was someone’s wife

But, no test could express her strife.

Thus, her saga died not knowing that last third of worth.

Day 16 of Trantham Challenge

It was pretty interesting writing a saga of five act play structures. I may use this as a way to describe works to people in a short way.

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