Day Twelve

Freeing oneself is never wise, for He ne’er ends: Better to be false.

Some — the trivial societal rats of now — believe that. Worse for it.

Women, Beauty, Love, Men, Knowledge, Worthiness; are all gone?

Intersex, cats, dogs, trees, flame, rain, ice, one’s own pride; are all gone?

Freedom acts as a tool today. Have we left true Freedom behind?

True Freedom share roots with Friend, a belovéd one: think on that.

Loving oneself means being a freeman/freewoman. Be true.

Freedom — skeletal base of one’s existence — drives the heartful self

‘Thwart a meaningful and just life. He, the basis of all that we,

strong ones, love in our deeds, and in words made. ‘Free’ is a daily choice.

Freedom, being free, choose one’s self o’er a weak, and a false life.

Yourself is worth more than defeats easy, or the wins hard. Yes, you.

Day 12 Trantham Challenge

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