Nynorsk: Am I back on track?

Basic Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker. I am using these posts as a way of chronicling a semi-auto-didactic process.  In other words, this is my way of seeing my own journey. I hope that others learn from it, and I hope that others contribute knowledge to it. To the Nynorsk activists out there, I apologise if a Bokmål word comes through as it is easier to find those words. Feel free to correct me in the comments, or by message.

Song:  It is another playlist. This time it is Ivy Levan. The song speaking to my soul right now is ‘Killing You‘.

Hello! It is that time again. I have been reading quite a few articles on the Nynorsk/Bokmal dispute: it can get pretty heated! I found quite a few people on Duolingo forums who prefer Høgnorsk — an extremely conservative Nynorsk — , and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. I do not mean that as a disengagement with the argument, but a continual realisation that I, an American, am treading into a culture aspect for which I was not prepared.

That is neither here nor there presently. It is time to discuss hobbies!

I listen to music probably 80% of my life, and that includes the majority of naps (lurar) that I take. I figured that a few details of my life would not bog down someone too much.

  1. Write, to: å skriva, (eg) skriv, (eg) skreiv,  (eg) har skrive, skriv, skriven (peng), skrive (brev), skrivne (kaninbornet), skrivne (kaninborn), skrivande (to write, [I] write, [I] wrote, [I] have written, Write!, written [money], written [letter], [the] written [bunnies], [some] written [bunnies], written)
  2. Eat, to: å eta, (eg) et, (eg) åt, (eg) har ete, et, eten (peng), ete (brev), etne (kaninbornet), etne (kaninborn), etandepexels-photo-1024252.jpeg
  3. Dance, to: å dansa, (eg) dansar, (eg) dansa, (eg) har dansa, dans, dansa (peng), dansa (brev), dansa (kaninboret), dansa (kaninborn), dansande
  4. Knit, to: å strikka, (eg) strikkar, (eg) strikka, (eg) har strikka, strikk, strikka (peng), strikka (brev), strikka (kaninboret), strikka (kaninborn), strikkande
  5. Read, to: å lesa, (eg) les, (eg) las, (eg) har lese, les, lesen (peng), lese (brev), lesne (kaninboret), lesne (kaninborn), lesande
  6. Listen, to: å lytta, lyttar, lytta, har lytta, lytt, lytta, lytta, lytta, lytta, lyttande
  7. Cook, to: * å koka, kokar, kokte, har kokt, kok, kokt, kokt, kokte, kokte, kokande
  8. Research, to: å forska, forskar, forska, har forska, forsk, forska, forska, forska, forska, forskande
  9. Smoke, to (insert all the warnings about smoking that everyone should already know): å røykja, røykjer, røykte, har røykt, røyk, røykt, røykt, røykte, røykte, røykjande
  10. Run, to (I actually hate doing this, but wishful thinking may change it): å springa, spring, sprang, har sprunge, spring, sprungen, sprunge, sprugne, sprungne, springandepexels-photo-573273.jpeg


*This is a great time to discuss Norwegian dialects below

There is a lot of variation within Norwegian written forms. ‘Å koka’ is a perfect example. When I searched the conjugation to check my paradigms, I was greeted not by one, or two variations, but three.


This is amazing to me, a language addict; however, I can see where this could be detrimental to a casual learner, or — honestly — even an addict. I have chosen the third option as my selection for now. I reserve the right to alter clearly, but I want to choose the more complex one, and I have yet to encounter kt as a popular sound choice. I like complex languages — Icelandic, and Finnish, you are next —, and I tend counter-intuitively to gravitate to conservative varieties. I, nevertheless, have very little — as in zero — knowledge of Norwegian dialects. I can not look at a word, and say, ‘Oh! That is a Trønder/Bergensk/Sogning word.’ I am encountering quite a plethora of dialectal variation without any cultural reference, so I am angsty to find out how my own dialect will shape…a Viktorsk if one will.

A few notes, check out some fellow nerds out there — S.S. Trantham , and S. Kay Smith  —: they are exquisitely diverting. I basically am addicted to their work as a critique partner.

Next week, I will be tackling some more reading issues, and talk about the two books which should be arriving today. Side note: yes, I am continually checking the tracking numbers.

The Savior’s Champion


Be strong, be safe, and learn well.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

Artist of my soul at present: Ivy Levan


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