Nynorsk: Catching up Part 1

Basic Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker. I am using these posts as a way of chronicling a semi-auto-didactic process.  In other words, this is my way of seeing my own journey. I hope that others learn from it, and I hope that others contribute knowledge to it. To the Nynorsk activists out there, I apologise if a Bokmål word comes through as it is easier to find those words. Feel free to correct me in the comments, or by message.

Tea: Garlic infusion, I told you that I love them

Song: I have a Stevie Nicks playlist playing.

Welcome again! it is time for the mind-stretch, and the mind-cry.

Part One is going to be 10 words, but there will be another of 10 more — to make up for last week — on two different subjects. The first is death (død), and the second is on food (mat, or føde). Let us get to it.

Death has been on my mind — though if I be honest, it is always on my mind. — for the last few weeks leading up to my late friend (again initials will be used), BdS. I, therefore, need a few words  to discuss in Nynorsk what has happened.


  1. Body (dead): lik (neuter) (for a human, or more of connection to the body), eit lik/liketlik/lika    
  2. Body (dead): kadaver (neuter) (for an animal), eit kadaver, kadaveret/ kadaver, kadavera
  3. Grave: grav (feminine), ei grav, grava/graver, gravene
  4. Coffin: likkiste (feminine), ei likkiste/likkistet, likkister/likkistene. This one is so amazing because it means — literally translated — ‘corpse’ ‘chest’. I am going to use this at least once in my life. It makes it sound as if it be in a Dungeons, and Dragons campaign.
  5. Helsott (What? He is putting the Nynorsk first, but why? It is one of the harder to translate words. It roughly means ‘terminal disease’, but could be any disease that leads to death). (Feminine) ei helsott/helsotta, helsotter/helsottene.
  6. Murder, to: myrda
  7. Graveyard: en gravplass (masculine), gravplassen, gravplassar, gravplassane
  8. Mourn, to: sørge
  9. Soul: eit sjel (feminine), sjela, sjeler, sjelene
  10. Remember, to: muna

Stay tuned for part 2, the food! Who does not like food?

The grammar discussion will be with it. I know that everyone loves grammar.

-J. A. Victor Wilson

From Duolingo, the cardinal sin:

Cardinal sin

Stevie Nicks Playlist

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