Tea Time Ruminations: Death

Tea: A horrible spiced black tea.

Song: I am actually streaming Eivør’s 2015 combination album, Slør + Bridges. Links below for some of my favourite songs, but the entire two albums are amazing. Her soft, and airy voice entrances me.

I did not do a Nynorsk vocabulary list last week: let us discuss that first. My high priestess’ husband’s memorial was this weekend, and we had a DnD campaign to finish. I was busy from Wednesday to now — Sunday, at 12:30 —. I, therefore, will make it up to you. I promise.

Now, Death. I promise this will not be an overly religious one. I just want to mind-purge about the process of death, and its place in society.

How do I want to die?

Many people around drinks will discuss the ‘worst’ way to die, but which way is the ‘best’ way to die? I, myself, want the second to accept death. I want the massive truck coming at me, and only me. That way there is not a split second of: I must tell my boyfriend/friend/mother/father/sibling/whoever is with me how I feel. I have always had a feeling that I would die by falling, and I plan on committing self-death if I ever feel as if I have nothing left to offer the world in the way of George Sanders. I will probably jump off a bluff/cliff of some sort. That would be the best way for me. If not a chosen death — for I believe every lifeform has to the right to determine self-death in a clear, and healthy way —, I would choose the truck coming at me when I am alone. A few seconds where I could acknowledge my life, my loves, and my works. The best death is one where one can say one’s goodbyes.

Worst death would obviously be the opposite a strange plague that takes one away in fever, and bewildering sickness. To watch a loved one fade without any chance to say goodbye, that is the worst for everyone all around. Obviously such plagues are rare in the Western world thanks to science.

May I just take a moment to thank scientists for their developments in vaccines, and treatments? Ethical discussion aside for if we save too many people — that is a later post —, I want to thank the biologists, medical professionals, chemists, and everyone else who heals our society.

What to do with bodies once we have them uninhabited? The average plot seems to be anywhere from two feet to four feet wide, and about twelve feet long.. So, for this math, I am assuming three feet by twelve feet. With 7 billion people, that means to have everyone buried at once would take the entirety of Canada in square miles. The second largest country would be filled with bodies just for the people we have now, and not those in the next few years whilst the living slowly die off. That is only if we accommodate them from the side-to-side. If we include the twelve feet length, it becomes longer than the world is. We, therefore, need to find a different disposal. I propose the idea of stacking bodies, but that seems ‘irreverent’ to our dead. I would like to see three, or four bodies stacked down in a family plot. We can therefore make room for more people. I beg you for no embalming, please.

No embalming.

It contains carcinogens, it kills local bacteria that help decomposition, and it gets into ground water, and kills your kids. Embalmers, and pro-embalming morticians/funeral directors, come at me, and send me hate mail. You will never get me to support you.

I now digress to death in our society. When was the last time I saw a hearse? I took a tour of a local funeral home, Shafer Funeral Home, and they do offer non-embalming plans. I enjoyed the facility, but that was seriously the last time I saw a hearse. I had to go search a funeral home for it. My new plan is to own a hearse, and drive it daily. Why are we thus afraid of death?

Death is around us. I hate to break it to people, but when eating potato soup, one is eating the corpse of a plant that has been boiled in the tit-sap of an animal that is going to die one day. Death is not scary. Death is a reminder of deadlines of life.

So, let us meet those deadlines with goodbyes, live-wells, and being ourselves.

I, also, must mention that last night – Monday night -, my roommate’s cat of 14 years died in her arms. If anyone would care to do so, light a black candle for him.

-J.A. Victor Wilson

Eivør’s official playlist of Slør

She seems not to have put ‘Brotin‘ on there. It is one of my favourites.

Bridges’ best song, in my opinion, ‘Morning Song‘.

Caitlin Doughty’s channel: two of my favourite videos are here, and here

Shafer Funeral Home

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