Tea Time Rumination: Religious Ancestors

Tea: An infusion of ground coffea arabica…commonly referred to as coffee. I love French-press style.


Song: ‘Misere Mani’ -Era

Disclaimer: I apologise for another religious post within a month, or so. This became a topic within the last week in my life, and I need to mind-purge.

My thirtieth birthday comes closer everyday. It is not for a few months, but I feel the age coming upon me. I feel detached from some conversations now. I thought that one of my friendly acquaintances was a liberal, but asking about the president, I found that he would have voted for him. I find that intriguing. Who are we to others?

Most people look at me as a weird ‘white’ guy. I have a bracelet of skull beads given to me by my boyfriend’s aunt. I wear a Thor’s hammer pendant, and a teardrop amber necklace. I read, quite frankly, as an ‘alt-right’ racist for those who have only a passing knowledge of those communities. How does this affect my relationships?

My best friend, who has been my friend for the better part of a decade, has Jewish heritage. He looks very Eastern-European Jew. One can imagine the looks that we can get sometimes. I, therefore, feel the need to analyse myself to remove any tendril of attachment to the racists who have infiltrated my community.

To be quite frank — so much so that I am using a very common way of emphasizing —: I do not identify with any racist, or discriminatory organisations, peoples, or ideals. These are not the way of my ancestors.

I was reading older articles: here, and here. I still find articles discussing it every few weeks. This must stop. I understand that some feel they are protecting Germanic folk tradition, for they are under attack. I, however, must strongly reiterate that there is a difference between folk tradition — religion, culture, and the like —, and racism. We can not look at a person, and see if s/he has Germanic heritage. The Germanic tribes spread form Northern Africa to the Western part of Asia. That means people who identify as North African Arabs probably have at least a drop or two of Germanic — specifically Vandals, or Visigoths — blood. The Migration period ended, at the liberal end, around 560 A.D. That is over 1 450 years ago. That is over 1 400 years of breeding, moving, breeding, warring, spreading out, and breeding some more.

To be it bluntly again: one cannot reliably look at a person’s skin for judgement of Germanic heritage.

I am constantly confused for a Scandinavian when I am in Europe. I have Jewish heritage — and, all the Neo-nazis/Anti-Semites groan —. I have just as much tie to the temple in Jerusalem as I do to the petroglyphs in Sweden. It is time for our community to stop this childish, and outdated concept.

So, please, I beg all Asatruars, Germanic pagans, neo-vikings, and all of our brethren, and sisters to put aside this racism.

I wish that we all become stronger, and stronger together. We owe it to our ancestors.


J.A. Victor Wilson

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