Tea Time Ruminations: Language POST! I told you.

Language choice: Nynorsk

Tea: Lavender/Chamomile

Song: I am actually listening to P1:Sogn og Fjordane: Norwegian radio

All right. I decided. Even though my boyfriend is teaching me Bahraini Arabic — he would prefer that I start with الفصحى‎  —, and even though I live in a predominately Spanish-speaking neighbourhood, I choose to learn Norwegian, and specifically Nynorsk.

What the hell am I thinking? If I choose to learn Bokmål, at least in theory, I will be able to read/write with other Norwegian speaking people; however, I do not live in a Norwegian-American area…for instance Minnesota. I live in deep East Texas (which counter-intuitively is always capitalised whenever I see it), so conversation is not readily available. I have one Norwegian friend, and I have one Norwegian-American friend who is also learning…Bokmål. I, therefore, do not need comprehension from my neighbours as a reason to learn a variety of written language: most of my intake with Norwegian is going to be online, and most of my output of language will be online as well.

How am I learning? Duolingo is amazing, but only has a Bokmål course. I am hence supporting that programme with a dictionary that has both Nynorsk/Bokmål called Ordbøkene (side note: P1 just began to play Phil Collins’ ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’; what the hell?). It allows English, Nynorsk, and Bokmål application language. I will be able to look up a word from Duolingo, or another Bokmål source, and easily find the Nynorsk version.

My challenge to myself is weekly vocabulary lists, every other week a grammar discussion, and ending every other month with a post entirely in Nynorsk. This starts this week. I am thinking every Thursday.

So, the tea is aching to be drunk, and I must prepare for this. I wish everyone the best of times, and may each one have a nice cup tonight.

Also, a random #Duolingo says:


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