Tea Time Ruminations: Plans for the New Year

Tea: Garlic Infusion

Thoughts: This is my go-to with infusions. My roommates are falling ill, so I am preparing for the fight against the invasion.

Song: Khansa ‘Qesat Al Ams’

-His voice, and his dancing are entrancing together, and separately.


I have set down a list below that will be the rubric against which I will judge my process. It has been quite a random week: unplanned events at work, and personal twists, and turns have left me quite ready to forge ahead. This list will, accordingly, be a growing process. Ideals are meant to be goals, not to be achieved.

  1. Relinquish my addiction to fizzy drinks. I drink way too many of these. I once remember a time when I drank 15 Cokes for one meal. I remember thinking of it as a game: now it is a harrowing thought.
  2. Post weekly. So, far I am doing that. Though I must admit, it has been a change to my daily routine. Is this what adulting is like?
  3. Write daily. My goal is 1 000 words presently. This is in addition to blogging. I need to finish the novel soon.
  4. Study languages. This brings me to a new outreach of my blogging experience. The rambling of tea-time are psychologically healthy, and helpful. Seriously, I love the record of my mind-purging. It sets me free. I, nevertheless, am going to start blogging about language learning projects of my own. It will most likely be mind-purging of a different type, for that is the types of blogs which I appreciate.

So, which language will be the first? I will be posting within the week to do that first post (fingers crossed).


To the mind-purging:

Why do we, as a species, feel the need to re-invent ourselves? I read science fiction a bit, and it seems we always push for the pioneer experience. In the Romantic period, we still had the wilds. Now, we fetishise the possibilities of space. Are we thus unhappy with our own being? I wonder if we will ever be happy with living each day for each day. Will we end up being content as a species?

I think of times in my own life where I was not content. I strove for something better. I ignored that which I may or may not have had, for the possibility of something greater. Call it ‘ambition’, ‘malcontent’, ‘wanderlust’, or the like; however, there is a need in us to strive. Is it therefore common in humanity, or is it something we put in ourselves? Despite his many faults, Nietzsche comes to mind.

I am sure the idea of the strongest, and purest human is just as addictive as the malcontentment many feel. Is it wrong to aim for perfection then? To make lists; however long, or short; to alter oneself purposefully; to change; or, to learn how to subvert one’s own growth to a more desirable state: personalities are gardens. Are we to prune ourselves?

Übermensch is a goal. The sexism within the original concept noted, are we to aim for it? Not how it was, but how it should be. Who defines that which should be then?

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