Spring Equinox: The Year of Action

Tea: Lemongrass, and spearmint infusion

Thoughts: I love infusions, so this has my heart for its duration.

Song: Mammút ‘The Moon Will Never Turn on Me’

-Mammút is one of my favourite bands of all time: if one has not listened to them, do it after the post.


I am quite naturally minded: I need that social shift. I, therefore, suck at New Year’s resolutions.  The Spring Equinox (Evennight, for those playing along in Anglish) offers a natural time to think about the last year, and the coming year. Seeing the sun rise — and, the following nap — was amazing. What does it mean for me though this year?

The last year has sucked in the worst ways possible, but has also contained many nuggets of gold. The next year will probably contain some of the same. A friend is moving away, and I am planning to move with my boyfriend somewhere else. The bonds that tie are some of the holiest aspects of a person, so will this friend, and I stay in contact? When I think of childhood, friends came and went. This is the first friend in a while to whom I have had to say farewell.

New goals though shall distract me from any unwieldy sadness:

1) Get to high-school weight

2) Stay there for at least 3 months

3) Write two series on this blog weekly. I have no idea the series concept now, for I am debating a few; however, it will bud soon, and flower.

Those are the three goals for this year until winter ends again. I apologise for the shortness of this post, but it is simply an oath to you, Reader. I, therefore, offer my oath, and I hope that you, Reader, are well.

-J.A. Victor Wilson



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