: Reflections on Minneapolis. Minneapolis was quite the experience albeit with one sad conclusion of a relationship in my life; nonetheless, I enjoyed the city more than I had expected. 1) Everyone sounds like Dr. Gloria Everson​, and Dr. Weinzierl. 2) The passive-aggression is far more irritating than that of any other aspect. This is the most negative aspect of my trip.
3) Alcohol is so cheap that I do not understand why Minnesotans were complaining. $5 for buy one get one well drinks? Deal! $7 for imported beer? Sign me up!
4) Gays were divided as usual. It appears to me that there is a correlation amongst the amount of gays, the diversification of the L.G.B.T. communities, and the separation one feels from one another.
5) I stood out in the most amazing ways. For example, the fact that I insisted on manners impressed everyone immensely whereas in Texas it tends to distance me from the other individual. I mean, of course, beyond what most call ‘manners’ which are simple civilities—please, thank you, et cetera—. When I went to a restaurant and asked for a specific type of fork, or that I turned the conversation back to the other with a simple, ‘And, how do you feel?’, or something similar; they impressed Minnesotans far more than expected. I expect that it is due to the fact that tourists tend not to show these aspects as I did see many Minnesotans do the same thing.
6) Now, it is time for my American to show. The Mississippi River—which I honestly did not know went through the Twin Cities—saddened me. It is now the dilapidate mummy of a once proud river. I remember reading American poetry about the roaring of the river. It is now the corpse of Old Man. Why? Why do we dam our greatest accents in our society? I saw the metaphor of Old Man River with its fight for freedom in the Gulf, and the African-American civil rights movement; nonetheless, now, it is a slow crawl. What does that say then about our fights for freedom? Have we dammed those behind social expectations? Is Freedom bestrangled by commercial success, and ease?
7) The men were quite distracting. It could be the Viking blood which caused them to look like marauders who need to know love, but I found my eyes turning every few seconds. I now appreciate the diligence it takes to be a sexually healthy adult in a larger area.
8)Side note: Wisconsin, and Minnesota rivalry is a real thing. Do not joke about them. I also discovered an interesting connection. Southern states, geographically not culturally, that border Mexico tend—to me—to have strong anti-Mexican sentiments. Northern states, again geographically not culturally,seem to have anti-Canadian sentiments. I won a lot of points when I mentioned I liked hockey: I lost them when I mentioned I support the Canadiens.
9) It was pleasant to find people who share my opinions of strong Southern accents, and strong accents in general. I also got to have a moment of connection with a nice man from North Carolina. So, I thank my Southern-as-molasses mother, Marcia Baker​, for that.
10) The question ‘Where are you from?’ is quickly becoming my least favourite question in the universe. When I answered with, ‘California.’ They expected me to live there. When I explained that I live in Texas now, it caused the Minnesotans to ask if I were Texan. Everyone who asked this would immediately then look at me, and be like, ‘No. You’re not.’
11) After just complaining about that, I do need to concede my favourite thing about Texas that I did miss. WHY THE FUCK WAS THERE NO GODDAMN SHINER?

That is all.

One thought on “Reflection.

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