The Third

Originally: 12 May, 2015. ‘Sexually open’ is an issue of which I have thought recently. Living in a society which sells sex whilst stigmatising it, I feel freer for the full, and friendly conversation about it; nonetheless I feel the stigma of it afterwards. For instance, I am quite open about my sexual history, for I have nothing about which I should feel shamed, but after the conversation I may worry if I across as a slut, whore, harlot, et cetera—pick a slut-shaming term—. I wonder, consequently, if others feel the same. We, as a Western society, praise the sexually-active except in romance, or to put it crudely, once a whore always a whore. Can we change? Can we, as a society, choose to accept the sexual proclivities of individuals without losing losing the figurative, and literal romances of our society? To take an American example, Americans tend to date—as in a specific engagement for romantic means—more than other cultures, including other Western ones, so how can we keep ‘The Notebook’ without losing ‘Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’? Are these world views mutually exclusive? If so, is one foolish to try, or is it far from folly to try to have it all? If they be not mutually exclusive, where does the line exist between spouse, and whore? I have been talking to a friend who is a great guy, and who is going through some issues. I know sexual stories/jokes make me feel better, so I regale him with mine, yet I wonder if his opinion of me changed due to them. If so, what does that say about our societies? For it seems to me, that, as an intellectual, the ‘sluttier’ one is the more one’s other qualities are questioned. Am I less intelligent for sleeping with a man? If so, what does that view of sex create? If I become dumber, uglier, and/or more revolting because of sex, is sex then not a life-force draining activity? Could this be one, amongst a myriad of others, cause of suspicion between genders, between sexes, and amongst people in general? Perchance, as always, I over-think, and over-analyse the situations, yet I still wonder.

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