The Second

Originally: 30 April, 2015

Tea-time ruminations. Whilst conversing with a friend, I used the term ‘flirting’. I flirt a lot. But, what does it mean to flirt? To some it seems to have been conjoined with ‘to court’; for others it is the intent to bed another; still others find it simply a glance in anothers direction, a way to say, ‘You are pleasant’; and, lastly, some see it as simply a social game. I am firmly in the third camp, but it seems others, though I will not presume to label others’ feelings, are, of course, not. So, is it a regional thing? Class? Educational level? Religious? Subcultural? I wonder which aspect of one’s personality dictates how one receives flirting. Perchance it is that we, as a culture, popularised a specific side of flirting through romantic comedies, or classic romances. Could it simply be a monogamous, bigamous, polyamourous, etc. issue? As someone who supports monogamy, would one have one view of flirting, or, conversely, would one, as a polyamourous individual, see a stratum of intents, of desires, of shades which flirting offers? I see in the media that flirting is used as a comedic device; hence, is flirting changing to a comedic usage whilst those who hold onto, rightfully so as they have every right to it, a more 1950’s way of looking at it see flirting as an intent to bed? There are, then, those who hold onto an even older concept of to flirt which is to court for marriage. Whilst I do not think that I have met anyone near my age with this particular concept, it most certainly exists in other cultures; therefore, it must be presented. I know for my team that I see flirting with a person like looking at art. I have art in my apartment that does not mean I cannot go to art galleries, and see a painting to which I may say, ‘That is lovely’, and, whilst I maintain that people are not the same as object, please one should allow the metaphor to stand for a while longer, if I were to buy another art piece, does that cheapen my previous art pieces? I digress, though. It seems ‘to flirt’ is quite a complex topic for me. I shall muse on this longer.

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