The First

Originally: 27 April, 2015.

It’s time for a tea-time rumination. I hope for all my friends never to have a comfortable life. Comfort breeds laziness. I wish not for any of my friends—no matter in which circle of intimacy one stands—to be lazy. I am, also, not one to wish my friends happiness. Happiness is an emotion, and to wish an emotion on another is a form of manipulation. I do not wish to manipulate any of my friends. One, however, may ask: what does Victor, the tea-time philosopher, wish for me, one of his friends? I wish you, person reading this in lieu of whatever-one-should-do-after-this, to be great; however, greatness is not easy, nor is it comfortable. I wish that friends feel the range of emotions, and feel the beauty of humanity. So, a pact amongst friends: we push, pull, and pick up each other to greatness. I’m in. I am also out of tea.

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